Keeping Applications Up-To-Date

Throughout the application season, it's important to update your DrawScout applications to keep accurate hunting dates, costs, and point tracking. Typically, there are two instances when you should update your existing applications: When you submit an application, and after the drawing. 

DrawScout makes updating your application statuses easy. When Applications are open you'll receive an alert banner prompting you to Mark Submitted. After the drawing, you'll be prompted with Successfully Drawn and Not Drawn options. Non-Primary draw tags also have similar options.

These actions, as well as others, can be accessed through the gear icon next to each application. In addition to these actions, you can also "UNmark" applications as submitted, drawn, etc., to undo actions that you have previously chosen.

What happens when you update your application

When you update your applications, various actions may occur depending on the specifics of the application. 


For some states and species, points may be tracked upon submission, they may be tracked after the drawing, or they may be tracked if an application is marked unsuccessful. Similarly, points may be set to 0 for a species if an application is marked successfully drawn.


Additionally, after an application is marked drawn or not drawn, the events on your Calendar will update. Prior to the draw, the Calendar will include all tag choices added to the Application Planner. After a draw, only successful tag choices will be shown.

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